Sunday, 29 May 2011

To Bit Or Not To Bit... (64-bit vs 32-bit)

So I've spent some quality time fucking around with 64-bit and 32-bit settings in OSX and in Logic.

3 Points:

- We are in an awkward transition phase
We either have too little memory (32-bit) or too little compatibility (64-bit)

- 32-bit AU Bridge
Apple's solution for running old 32-bit plugins in 64-bit logic works, but isn't rock solid (stability / compatability)

- Many plugins are still 32-bit only
Big names such as: Waves bundles, Synthogy Ivory, Soundtoys and many others, have to run using this almost stable 32-bit AU Bridge.

Considering stability is such a high priority for most professionals, I feel that logic is not quite ready for 64-bit.

Let us hope that this awkward period comes to an end soon!

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