Saturday, 17 March 2012

Your Perfect Songs May Need To Be Broken

Do you think your audience will prefer to receive perfection? or imperfection?

A perfectly cut lawn can be relaxing for one, 
then sterile and uncomfortable for another.

wild lawn can be exciting for one, 
then disgusting for another.

An average lawn can be comforting for some,
then boring to others.

All of these lawns are both right and wrong, depending on who is experiencing them.

What I find interesting is that songs generally need vulnerability to connect. They need to have a breach, a broken part, an unexpected leak.

As a producer, if you seal these all up with beautiful make up, perfect mixing, and masterful editing. What have you done to the connection of the song?

On the other hand, if you embrace the imperfections of both the song and the artist, you might find a stronger connection start to come your way.