Monday, 23 May 2011

A Pop Musician's Role

You'll find that a lot of music that becomes popular pushes an attitude or lifestyle further than the average Joe or Jane.

An artist who pushes limits more than socially typical becomes a conduit for the masses who want to feel this excitement and 'out of bounds' land, in safety, in abundance and under their own terms.

Even a song inspired by late nights - a time where many have decided is too late to be awake, because there is work in the morning, and it is unsafe to break the rules of sleep time - contains an element or a vibration, that is 'out of bounds'. Now safely available for the listener, under their own terms.

In this way, an artist is someone who lives lives out of the bounds of the masses, exploring things the masses are unconfident or unwilling to explore. An artist is someone who does this and reports back to the masses, with the help of a beat, a melody, a relate-able and easy to follow story.

This is just one small example of a pop star's role that I feel isn't explored much.

What role does a pop star have in your life?

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